Billing Procedure

A member of our business office staff will call your insurance company prior to surgery
and verify your medical benefits for our facility charge.

Our charges cover your pre-operative evaluation, most supplies and medications, equipment, personnel and use of operating and recovery rooms. We will secure any information regarding co-payments, co-insurance, and/or deductible amounts that will be your responsibility. Payment of your portion of the bill may be requested at the time you register.

If you have no insurance or if your insurance does not cover the procedure to be performed, please make arrangements to pay the Texas Regional Clinic facility fee on the day of the surgery unless prior financial arrangements have been made with our Business Office.

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, VISA, Discover, and MasterCard.

In addition to our facility fee,
you may receive separate bills for the following services:

Your physician or surgeon


If you received general anesthesia or it was necessary for an anesthesiologist to be available for your procedure.

Laboratory Tests

If they were required by your physician or radiology imaging before or during your surgery.


If tissues or specimens were removed during surgery.

Any questions regarding these services should be directed to their respective billing offices.

Focus on your family's health, not how to pay for it


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