Medical Consultations

What is a Medical Consult?

A Medical Consult is performed by either a surgeon or pain management specialist. Usually the medical consultation is performed at the request of a referring attorney or physician prior to a medical or surgical procedure. The goal of the consultation is to determine if there are any possible risks involved to the patient prior to the procedure and to discuss those risks with the patient.

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Appointment Cancellation

We realize patients need to cancel their appointments, however we require a 24-hour notification of the cancellation to enable us to offer your appointment to another patient.

If you fail to cancel the appointment you may be billed a cancellation fee payable upon your next visit.


What to expect on your first visit:

Once you have been scheduled an appointment with one of our physicians, it is very important that you provide our office with any past medical records pertaining to the reason we will be seeing you for. This should include any films, ie, MRI scans, CT scans, plain x-rays etc. You may request your primary care physician to forward this information to us, or you may bring it with you to your initial appointment.

It is also necessary for you to bring a list of current medications you are taking and their directions.

We anticipate thirty minutes to register you on your first visit. To avoid coming thirty minutes early you may print your paper work off and have them filled out when you arrive for your appointment.

One of our physicians will then see you. He will interview you regarding your symptoms. He will may perform a neurological examination. This clinical examination will include testing of your strength, sensation, reflexes, and coordination.

In some instances further diagnostic tests may need to be ordered before the physician can give the patient a diagnosis. Our office staff will arrange for these tests to be scheduled for you at Memorial MRI and Diagnostic.

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